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Reasons Why Scammers are Good for Bitcoin Trading Websites

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In a gathering of ten men where money is involved, at least one of them will have dishonest intentions in his mind. This is simply a fact of life and it pervades all platforms where money is an issue. Simply said, we cannot do without dishonest people in a world where money is the focus of every John, Dick and Harry moving around. Bitcoin selling is not exempted from this fact. In fact, it is one of the most scam-pervaded money related platforms. But the question is this, do we really need to do without scammers in the bitcoin selling environment? Is there a purpose they maybe serve in the world of bitcoin sellers? After all, there are two sides to every coin, bitcoin included( no pun intended). Well, I believe we don’t need to do without them. I believe there is a purpose they serve in bitcoin selling and it is a quite important one. Any seller who keeps reporting scammers is probably just hurting his business. Want to know why I think so? Here are a few reasons.


  • Scammers Help to Increase Demand


Scammers are buyers first before they are scammers, so even if they end up scamming the sellers, they first contribute to the number of buyers on the bitcoin trading platform. This helps to drive up prices which is a blessing for sellers. These high prices are what makes the seller able to offset costs such as closing accounts, changing payment methods, fluctuating prices and so on.


  • Scammers Serve as Tests for Sellers


Scammers are the only way for Sellers to know what they are doing wrong. Scammers serve to test sellers and when a seller gets scammed(which is quite inevitable), he is able to locate what he is doing wrong, which practices he should keep and which ones he should discard. What methods to protect himself best and what ways to make the most money. Without scammers, we’ll just be selling at an okay when we could be selling way better than that. But since our okay level has not been breached, we would be content with it while some people would be selling extraordinarily.


  • Scammers Help to Prune Off Weak and Stupid Sellers


Scammers help to clean out the dirt and chase off the windowlickers. They are the ones who undercut prices, place lowball ads and then provide inferior service to customers(which they do deserve for picking low prices over experience) causing a lot of complains. However once most of them are scammed once or twice, they run off. This leaves room for the better and stronger sellers. There is less supply of services and therefore, more demands for the capable sellers to handle.


In a way, the scammers are like the natural predators in the wild. They prey on the weak animals in a species leaving only the strong and smart animals in the specie to survive and in this way, competition is reduced, there is more for the remaining animals to share and they can survive to pass on their good traits to offsprings.


Scammers are undesirable, wicked elements. However they have their place just as everyone else. If you are a seller reading this, I’ll advise you to stop reporting scammers and focus more on building yourself and creating rules which will make you able to fend scammers off. This way, you become a strong and smart seller and you survive when the weaker ones are pruned off by the predators.


You may not agree with my sentiments and you may think that my logic is cold, but I think you’ll agree that all I’ve said is true. Whichever way you take it though, happy trading.

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