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You Are Safe!!! Paxful is Secured by BitGo

PAX Trading > PAXFUL > You Are Safe!!! Paxful is Secured by BitGo

In a bid to provide better security and better use experience for their users, Paxful has now made a major stride as they are now secured by BitGo.

From the website, “BitGo’s platform has allowed us to focus on our core competency by providing us with the ideal and secure blockchain connection.”

Here are three main advantages of Paxful’s new BitGo security.


#Ease of Integration and Support

BitGo is more than just an ordinary API like everyone else has. It is a system which was built with pure and extreme functionality in mind, no fancy actions or wasted purposes. It has a BitGoD which you can use alongside the BitCoin Core- replaces the RPC server with little or no change cos the RPC commands are virtually the same.

Speaking on it, Paxful CTO, Artur Schaback says, “BitGo Developer support is top notch. Their CTO Ben stayed in the chat with us for several days answering every question and doing everything possible to make it easy for us. BitGo support is A+++.”



BitGo secures the Paxful hot wallet using Multi-Sig with tested and trusted security in every way.


Bitcoin hot wallets are now the target of every hacker in the world and we feel safe with BitGo securing our hot wallet and doing all blockchain transactions for us. – Ray Youssef, Paxful CEO

Big exchanges in the world all use BitGo for a reason and its clear to see here.


#Success and Stability

With the constant upheaval in the Bitcoin community, only a few entities have been able to stand their ground and keep on doing what they are doing. One of such entities is BitGo. And this is another reason why they are in charge of block chain operations for the biggest exchanges in the world. They have a great model and it works.


We highly recommend BitGo for any and all blockchain operations. You can let them handle security and focus on your core competency and that is what makes startups work. As a bonus Mike and Ben are really cool.- paxful website

Enjoy the new security on your paxful account.

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