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Everyone’s fear of an online business is getting scammed or not getting something as deserved and that is what applies to gift card platforms. Sometimes, we get gift cards that we do not necessarily need and we will rather prefer it exchanged for money. Do you have an iTunes, Amazon gift card, Steam gift card or any other gift card and you want to know how to convert your gift card into cash? Do you want to sell steam gift card for cash or say you want to convert your steam card to money? You want to know how to exchange your iTunes gift card for naira or cedis? Do you need ways on how to trade iTunes card? Have you been in search of the best online platform to sell steam gift card in Nigeria, Ghana or any country?

Your days of searching are over, Paxtradings is here to provide solutions as regards your steam cards.


How To Sell Steam Gift Card On Paxtradings

For the love of convenience and utmost disregard for complications and complexities, Paxtradings allows very easy way of trading your steam cards:

  1. Via WhatsApp


To avoid complexities and unnecessary complications while transacting, the underlisted will help us and you avoid complications:

  • Steam gift card trade is for USA/CAD/GBP/EUR/AUD Cards in all denominations.
  • We accept both ecodes and physical cards.
  • Edited, used or photoshopped cards are totally unacceptable as you may stand the chance of having your account banned.


Can I Also Sell Steam Card For Bitcoin or Paypal?

On Paxtradings, we allow different payment options, bitcoin and paypal inclusive. You can get paid for your steam card in naira, bitcoin or paypal, whichever way you want to be paid.


Can I sell other gift cards on Paxtradings?

Absoutely. On Paxtradings, you can sell your iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, Sephora gift card, Walmart Gift card, Google play gift card, etc.

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