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It is crystal clear that unregulated digital currencies are the adopt tools for scammers to take advantage of people. Digital currencies have become the most populous component of online scam as the result of the shutdown of Geocoin. However, in few years to come, physical banks may longer exist, and it will turn to the new realm of digital money.

Swiss Coin is a scam running which is nearly identic to one coin. Swiss coin is selling educational packages with tokens that can in the future become digital coins. They are running Swiss coin smartly so that they can say; they are not an investment. You are investing nothing but educational products. It helps them of not being shut down by regulators. Crypto-currency such as Swiss coin is not decentralised. It is controllable by a company which may be valueless in the future.The company handling the mining process claims to takes token and converts them into coins. That is just the mirrors and smoke that allow them to take control of the money that enter this (Swiss Coin). Ponzi scheme and it will be released to old investors, meaning that, the money paid by the new investor will free and pay to the former beneficiary (Investor). 60% of the Swiss coin commission paid is withdrawable while the remaining 40% must reinvest.The Swiss Coin company is taking advantage of Bitcoin to canvass people to purchases investment package which the coin is of no value.

Swiss Coin is nothing but a Ponzi scheme which includes recruiting and Multi-Level multimedia to maximise the rate of people that bringing into the scam. Swiss coin runs their investor through a complicated customer verification process that links them to identity theft. What must a SWISS COIN member do to conclude it process? The KYC (Know Your Customer) process begins at the time the members are compelled to log in according to their office accounts where the coordinator guides the KYC process. The indications contain instruction for the documentation of each of the member which must be submitted. This process ought to be concluded on 1st September 2016.



Which kind of documents is allowed to ascertain the identity in the process?

There are two categories for the collection of documents according to the know your customer norms.

Photographic Proof of the Identity

Residence Proof of the Identity

Status of the member’s accounts namely individual, business, group etc. document of different kinds is allowed. Though, the information provided must align with the information contained in the member’s account. The necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) documents will be listed in the different categories by members.

Dear Member,

Every Member of Swiss Coin must upload the front and back page of their password in two separated fields and their residence proof. It is after uploading of all three files members can proceed to know your customer (KYC) stage.


Personal Documents

Photographic Identity (More Legally /N name /N and all other usernames)


Identity Card

Electoral Identity Card

Driving License


Utility Bill like Electricity, Phone etc. (not more than three months old)

Bank Statement / Saving book

Official Writing of the Public Administration in Letterhead


Name of the Enterprise

Location of the Business

Address of the Enterprise

Identity of the Signatories

Certificate of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation

Certification of the Ultimate Economic Owner

Personal Societies, Groups and Endowment

Legal name and address

Identification of all partners and their address

Identity of the signatories

Registration Certificate

Companion Contract

Certificate of Ultimate Economic Owner


What are the steps to take to complete everything?

Go to Swiss coin login page and login according to the member account. Be sure of the registered given name and surname as written on the document. Then, submit for a personal consideration. Also, email address and phone number must be correct.

Apparently, Swiss coin is a Ponzi scheme linked with Mastaba recruiting logic camouflage as a new digital currency. This Swiss Coin use autobiography of BitCoin to satiated people with their scam. The payment which individually receives as a profit is the payment of others who are making payments to get their profit. Move away from Swiss coin. It is a scam.

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