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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and it is gaining popularity as a medium of online transactions in many countries. Nigeria is one of the nations that legalized the trading of digital currencies like Bitcoins. This decentralized currency works as a financial instrument without any regulatory authority for its control. There is a blockchain technology...
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As opposed to holding up until the point when it’s past the point of no return, law offices are opening up bitcoin wallets to pay delivers in the event that their information is stolen, as indicated by a cybersecurity master. John Sweeney, leader of IT and cybersecurity guides LogicForce, said that law offices are making...
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The Department of Justice in the U.S has said that the outcome of the sale of 144,336 bitcoins found in Ross Ulbricht’s laptop, gained from Silk Road’s seizure in 2013. They said the proceeds took some years, and made the government roughly $48 million. The release reads: “These Bitcoins were ultimately sold by the United...
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