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There is no question that the entire cryptocurrency sector is in a bear market, with many cryptocurrencies losing over 50% of their value.  However, this certainly hasn’t prevented individuals from becoming very wealthy through cryptocurrency-related ventures. Specifically, despite the decrease in market capitalizations of various cryptocurrencies, several Chinese businessmen have landed onto a list of China’s...
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Amsterdam- and Beijing-based BTC.com has made history by becoming the first bitcoin wallet to debut on no. 2 smartphone maker Huawei’s recently-launched app store. A joint censorship effort between the Chinese government and telecom companies has blocked the Google App Store to Android mobile users amid what’s been dubbed “China’s great firewall,” making it difficult...
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The National Audit of the People’s Republic of China, the country’s supreme audit institution, is pinning high hopes on blockchain technology as a way to improve government auditing functions, according to a statement posted April 24. An article titled “Some Ideas on Applying ‘Blockchain’ Technology in Big Data” notes that the blockchain portion of the stock market...
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