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In a January 10th interview on Bloomberg TV, Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng briefly touched on Warren Buffet’s recent comments that cryptocurrenciesare headed for a “bad ending.” The interview covered a range of topics, including the situation in South Korea, Binance’s booming growth, and the exchange’s general customer demographics. Eventually, the interview veered towards a discussion of cryptocurrency’s general market...
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The US Marshals Service is holding its first bitcoin auction in over a year. The agency first held a series of auctions in 2014, selling Bitcoin forfeited by Ross Ulbricht in the United States clamp-down on the darkweb drug marketplace the Silk Road. In the last of these auctions, the agency sold 2,700 Bitcoin for $1.6mln (worth about $37.8mln today)....
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Australia’s national bank tended to the developing fame of digital forms of money like bitcoin in a parliamentary board of trustees declaration. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has joined a developing rundown of administrative partners far and wide in examining its administrative position and perspectives on digital forms of money. Prior this month, the...
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