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Taking Surveys To Get Free Itunes Gift Cards

Being one of the biggest smartphone brands in the whole world, about 15% of smartphone users worldwide own an Apple device. Unlike the Android OS smartphone brands which use the Google Play store and other websites to download music, apps, videos and so on, if you use an Apple device, then you most certainly must make use of iTunes ¬†whether to download music, apps or videos and one of the most popular ways of buying things and making downloads on iTunes is through the use of iTunes gift cards. It is more popular among users who don’t have a credit card to connect to their Apple account. It is much like a limited credit card which you use to buy things on iTunes. With the increase in the number of people using Apple devices, the demand for iTunes gift cards has gone up and people are looking for several ways by which to get iTunes gift cards to sell. One of the ways by which you can get free iTunes gift cards is by taking paid surveys.


Taking Surveys for Free iTunes Gift Cards

Several large and small companies have a policy of paying people to give their opinions on the company’s products to determine what exactly people like about their products and also to help them market their products better. Consumer opinions are quite important as it is through them that a company can discover what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right. These companies hire market research companies to do research for them to try to determine their consumer’s opinions. The research companies do this by creating a database of interested survey takers through the filling of forms. Once they have a sufficient database, the members of the database are then invited to take an online survey for which they will be rewarded in return. These rewards come in many forms, one of which is iTunes gift cards. In fact, they are becoming the more popular mode of reward by survey panels. A lot of survey sites give offer their members an option to use their survey earnings to directly purchase iTunes gift cards. They do this by connecting to online stores that sell iTunes gift cards so that the members can directly use their earnings to purchase from the stores and receive their redeeming code instantly.


Still On How To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards

Gift cards that you get from survey sites are mostly in digital formats as getting physical cards are much too tedious. A unique code is usually emailed to you, you enter the code into iTunes and it credits your iTunes account. To redeem your e-gift code, open iTunes and navigate to Account > Redeem. Simply copy and paste the 16-digit code you received in an email from the survey site, click Redeem, and the balance will be applied.

A few survey sites do offer physical gift cards but they are a really rare exception. If you do get a physical card, you simply have to follow the instructions on the back to redeem it.

iTunes gift cards aren’t the only thing you can buy with your earnings on survey sites though, there are several other things which you can use your earnings to buy. The gift card is the most popular choice though. You can even let your balance add up to a real large amount to splash on an iTunes spree.

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