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Talking of the New Paxful Forum

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After considering several requests and opinions from users and all, Paxful finally creates a forum. Say hello to talk.paxful.com. This is the official forum created by Paxful to create a community where both buyers and sellers and all other users of the platform can come together and communicate opinions and ideas benefiting both themselves and the platform. The forum runs on the popular Discourse platform which has forums tailored suitably for the new web. The platform is still calling for suggestions from users on various sub-forums( called categories in discourse) that can be created. So if you are a paxful user, whether buyer or seller, if you have an idea, just reach out to the platform. And if you have a problem, you can just go into the forum now and discuss with people who have had the same problems before and help out people who are having problems which you know the solution to. Just log onto talk.paxful.com and join the bitcoin conversation.

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