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Why TBC The Billion Coin Is Scam

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The billion coin was not created by one person but as a result of a team effort. The billion coin teams choose Kris Kringle as the creator. The billioncoin is externalised within this character well-known thought the universe. However, the mission of the release of this cryptocurrency (i.e. THE BILLION COIN) to the world is to eradicate poverty and equalise the poors and the riches. So, the founders around the globe apparently act like Santa’s Helpers in this grand mission. The billion coin is trading on online exchange for conventional currencies, such as U.S Dollar or used to purchase good or services. Perhaps, this is what scammer are looking for to take benefit of this popularity and be doing their unlawful works. The scheme they are offering promise high returns for getting in what subscribe have invested in the system and of a growing internet phenomenon.


The billioncoin was created as a result of the collective effort which one person from the team was nailed as the creator of the scheme. The question now is, who is the said KRIS KRINGLE? What is his/her personality? From which country he/she from? There is no answer to the stated questions. If billion coin crash tomorrow, who is going to hold for the responsibility? This cryptocurrency is nothing but a scam. Moreover, no name was written on the official blog as the creator, for this, the coin knows who is the owner and chooses not to expose this information to anyone.

The billion coin creator believes the RISKS of not investing and participating in  The billion coin schemes carry far more significant costs rather than RISKS attached to the buying the billioncoin. Kris Kringle was able to be an Admin, and he and others members of the group are the creators of the billioncoin. Apparently, Kris Kringle is in charge of this scam.



Cryptocurrencies will be suspended without any alert or notification. In the same, the billion coin wallets will be discontinued without any quick notice for up to seven to eight months of documented documentation is null and void or membership agreement has been broken. The activities of buying and selling of the billion coin should be close at the current price. Discount attached to the trading of the billioncoin is strictly forbidden, and punishment will be expeditious without any alarm.

The billion coin package sold adding the billion coin as a gift will be counted as a discount for the price of the billioncoin and will be punished.

Membership agreement is the foundation of the billion coin community and will not allow anyone to adapt it, and there is zero tolerance for anybody who aims and attempts to break it.

However, all the billion coin discount, both seller and buyers will have their wallets suspended forever. Apparently, a seven to the eight-month suspension was not enough to curb the abusive behaviour. Buyer and seller keep posting discount offers on Facebook for a more accessible location to buy or sell the billioncoin. So, when caught, such discount wallets suspend immediately. This scheme is nothing but a scam.









On March 21, 2016. The billioncoin was launched with an initial price of 0.001 Euro per TBC Coin. Although rising from initial cost to the ultimate price, there is a software formula that determines the daily average measurement and verified members of the Billion Coin community, regular growth and rewards that increase in kind. Since the day of launch, the current price can either follow an 8% to 5% path towards the ultimate price and 1% to 5% daily increment until the final price reaches.

Formula for calculating the Billion Coin goes thus:-

The method for calculating the ultimate price of the billioncoin’s is one Euro multiply by the total number of qualified members of the community. For instance, if the total number of verified members is 5,000, then the ultimate price of the billion coin is 5,000 Euros per coin.

The smallest change of the billioncoin is Kringle and majority of the community adopt the kringles as the unit value instead of the billion coin. The billioncoin does not use market forces to determine the price of the currency, preferably a formula was designed, and it is using to determine the increase in values so that people who got in early see a financial logic, other investors joining can only be funded.

Things to look out for in crypto-currency scams.

Does the coin pay returns to its investor

Does the coin have a central authority

Does the currency require an ever-increasing flow of money to sustain it?



The billion coin scam is a Ponzi Scheme whose admin is said to be known as Kris Kringle feels he is giving gifts to people. They can suspend wallet forever if rules are not careful to follow and claim to be decentralised. It is a humanmade investment with a formula for calculating price, and do not uses open market to estimate the real value of the coin. This cryptocurrency is a scam that is taking wealth from people and transferring it to other people, the billion coin member who are wealthless.


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