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The Smartest Yahoo Formats To Use in 2018 For Big Cashouts

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Internet scam popularly know as Yahoo Yahoo has proven to be very resourceful when it comes to making quick cash, but these days, clients have become wiser as there has been an increased rate of people who are involved in this scamming business, and so a lot of scamming formats has been rendered ineffective, yes “them don cast”.

The truth is there are over a million yahoo boys in the world hustling to get and keep clients just like you too, and so, if you have to get the attention of your clients and ensure they keep paying you for as long as you want them to without any hidden or diabolical means an outdated format won’t help.

A lot of G-Boys have gotten potential clients who pay them for a long period of time with credible formats like this. So what you have to do is when you catch any client, make sure you apply these new formats. Once you hit the client with the format and they pay you, instantly try it on another client.

If you would like to maintain a client who has paid you previously all you have to do is come up with a new format to enable you to cash out more money from them. Always have at the back of your mind that there is a 90% chance that once a client has paid you once, he’ll keep paying you if you’re smart enough.



Below are Four Fresh Formats For Yahoo Boys.



G-Boys who are into relationship scam consider the bomber dating format as the most recent hustling format to employ on any client. It’s been an irresistible and attractive format for G-Boys who are into dating and relationship scam.

The bomber dating format is best used with a female profile, as it gives you an edge to capturing and convincing men who are desperately in need of sex partners, and men who are promiscuous in nature, now it’s up to you to employ your formats skillfully and smartly to enable you to exploit and influence them so they can pay you as you bill them.

Sample of The bomber Dating Format

“Hi, I just went through your profile, and it leaves a remarkable impression on me about you. I love the fact that you seemed relaxed and very open. Life is all about living in the moment, enjoy, laugh, communicate and have a connection with someone special who sees life the way you do and also ready to enjoy it to the fullest. I practically love to be happy and excited about the best things life has got to offer, the adventures, the laughter, the passion not minding the risks it demands..let’s talk and see where life takes us.



For most Americans, this format is really not very effective, but still very effective in European countries, it’s known as the Nigerian scam, but it can still yield good results if used wisely.

The major aim of the inheritance format is to reach out and convince wealthy Europeans who are seeking investment ventures. If you can convincingly bring to their notice about an inheritance that would fetch them money in return, you’re good to go.

If you have to make use of the inheritance format, you have to be very careful when selecting your client, so you do not risk being arrested.

A sample inheritance format

My father as the Royal head of Olobiri community, who was also the chairman of The Olobiri oil Trust Funds(O.O.T.F) so with his position and he being the chairman Of Olobiri oil trust he acquired a total sum of Nine million Eight hundred thousand US dollars($9.8).

The money originated was based on its accumulation between 1973-1999 before his death.

Due to the terrible banking system and political instability and also as a result of past military rule and present political imbalance in Nigeria. He was left with no choice but to deposit this money in Vaults with an open beneficiary in Apex bank of Nigeria Plc.



The mindset of an average American is to win a lottery in his lifetime. This desire has opened up opportunities for sharp yahoo boys to earn substantial income from the Grant Lotto Method.

Let’s be realistic, imagine you tell somebody that he has won a lotto worth $80 million and he needs to claim his winning, and all he has to do is send his account details for immediate payment. Almost everyone will fall for something like that.

This method of scamming can work on anybody; this depends on how you utilize it so it can work for you, you should be a professional when it comes to phishing. Most importantly you must look for clients who are addicted to gambling and use the Grand lotto scheme on them.

The major purpose of getting their account details is to apply some techniques which would enable you to siphon cash from the banks. The information on how to do this would be provided later.

A Sample Grant Lotto Format.

Note: The Facebook lottery prize must be claimed not later than seven(7) days from the date of draw winning notification.

Note: Prize winnings not claimed within this seven(7) days will be forfeited.




If you’re interested in going into gift cards scamming, then this post you should read. This format is going to be profitable to those who know persons that trade iTunes gift card; you can buy and sell it at the right price, and get you cash instantly.

I am going to be showing you how to convince your client to send iTunes gift cards to you. The sample format below would help you do that.

Sample Gift Card Format

It was brought to my notice last week that my mobile device firmware needs an upgrade, Facebook and camera included. Currently, I’m unable to take pictures or use the Facebook app on my phone until the upgrade has been made, I’m currently making use of a friend’s mobile phone to chat with you so I can notify you of the current situation on ground, and it’s a challenge. I already took the phone to a phone engineer, and he says the upgrade would be made with the use of an iTunes card..


PS: this format should be used for a client you already acquainted to.


So basically, here are the most recent and reliable scamming formats in 2018, and like I said earlier, these formats requires a lot of wisdom and tactical thinking when applying them so they can be very effective, and possibly add more funds to your bank account. I hope this helps, thank you.

It requires a lot of wisdom and tactical thinking when applying them so they can be very effective, and possibly add more funds to your bank account. I hope this helps, thank you.


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