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There are usually some gift cards that may be left unused among what we have, but instead of just allowing them to waste, there are useful things they can be done with. Here are some things you can do with unwanted gift cards.

1. Return to the retailer.

Returning the gift cards to the retailer is usually the best thing to do with unwanted gift cards. There are some things the retailers can do with the returned gift cards, like paying cash for them. But it is essential to get the receipt of purchase, because most retailers usually request the receipt before accepting to pay for it.

2. Use the gift cards to purchase other things you can sell.

If you’re not interested in the products you can get with the gift cards you have, you can buy other products from the retailer, and sell them to other people, you can even sell on eBay or Craigslist.

3. Donate to Charity.

This is also a good way to deal with your unwanted gift cards. Instead of just dumping them,  you can donate them to charity organizations. They will put them to good use.

4. Exchange them on websites.

This is another way of dealing with your unwanted gift cards. There are several websites that deal in gift card exchange, you can sell your unwanted gift cards to others that need them on those websites. Some of the websites like cardpool.com, Raise, Junkcard and CardHub.

5. Sell the gift cards or exchange with people you know.

Yet another way to deal with your unwanted gift cards. You can search for people that have the particular gift card with you, and sell it to them for the value on it. Or you can as well find those that have the type of gift card you want,  then exchange the one you have with them.

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6. Gift the cards to someone else.

If you finally try other methods and you’re not satisfied, this is another resort for unwanted gift cards. You can re-gift the cards to others, like friends and family.

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