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Top 20 Bitcoin Mining Companies in 2017

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Top 20 Bitcoin Mining Companies in 2017.

As explained by several individuals, mining involves solving of complex mathematical problems and adding of blocks to blockchain system. Bitcoin mining could either be done solo i.e. an individual doing alone or in group i.e. joining pools. However, on a ranking of 1-20, some companies have proven to be the largest miners from data recovered between August 5 – August 12 from bitcoin network analysis company blocktrail.


  1. Unknown entity- 0.28%


  1. P2Pool.org- 0.47%: this pool distributes all data to be viewed by the public. Once, they mined 78,000btc($21million).


  1. Solo CKPool- 0.47%: Con Kolivas and bitcoiner “Kano” created this public pool. It is pool with its own risk. It offers a solo pool in which users will pool their resources together to get a block faster than they would have alone. It only means the user that discovers the block will receive the reward.


  1. Another Unknown Entity- 0.66%: an unknown entity with a responsibility of over 0.5% of the total hashrate.


16.Kano CKPool- 0.66%:  This is a standard pool.


  1. BitMinter- 0.76%:  This is a doyen pool created in 2011 by Geir Harald Hansen.


  1. 8baochi- 0.85%: This could be found in China. It is small but more dominating and offers a litecoin mining.


  1. BitClub Network- 1.33%: The founders remain disclosed but people say it is “run by a team of programmers, entrepreneurs, investors who have come as Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) experts from different spheres of the world”. Ponzi Schemes fall into this category.


  1. Unknown entity- 1.42%: This has over more than 1% of the total hashrate.


  1. Unknown entity- 1.9%.


  1. GHash.io- 1.99%: It once gained 51% of the entire network of bitcoin. They pose a bigger threat to bitcoin and shows arguably how the power of too much miners could be expressed.


  1. 21 Inc.- 3.79%: It doesn’t offer a system of public pool and has a little less 4% of total hashrate.


  1. Slush- 4.08%: The world’s oldest mining pool.


  1. KnCMiner- 4.27%.


  1. Eligius- 4.83%: North-American public pool invented by Luke Dash Jr who was interested in writing about blockchains and public ledger of transactions involving bitcoin.


  1. BW Pool- 7.68%: Black & White pool is one common with Chinese and has no affiliation with the English speaking countries.


  1. BTC China Pool- 13.74%: one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world and common in China. It proffers a solution to various digital problems of currency.


  1. BitFury- 16.4%: one of the best-funded mining hardware company having raised $20 million sometimes in 2015 and now $60 million currently.


  1. DiscusFish/P2Pool- 16.49%: In July this year, F2Pool as commonly called generate the best transaction ever in bitcoin. It was developed by 2 Chinese; Wang Chun and Mao Shihang. It is called DiscusFish because of its logo which is a discus fish.


  1. AntPool- 17.82%: The technology accounts for about 60% global bitcoin miners. It is run by Bitmain which is a Chinese Mining hardware company.


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