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The Top Shopping Mistakes you don’t Want to Make Online

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Online shopping is growing popular by the day with statistics indicating a 5% increase in sales from online shopping yearly. It is during the holidays that people go crazy with adding things to a shopping cart. However, what shoppers don’t understand is that shopping over the internet requires serious strategies in order to make savings such as identifying stores that sell gift cards.

Listed below are the top mistakes shoppers need to avoid making online:

Avoiding the Rewards Credit Card or a Gift Card

As much as one may try to cut their shopping gift list in half, your generous soul could possibly make extra purchase especially as the holidays approach. If buying gifts for your close friends and relatives is compulsory, then you may need to use the rewards card to boost a few perks in return. These cards could come in handy as they could sometimes offer 1 to 5 percent returns on purchases.

Debit Card Reliance

Experts state that avoiding credit cards is a great way of preventing impulse buying and overspending. Debit cards can be worse, as they can cause identity theft headaches. Credit cards only have a maximum liability of around $50 and in the event of unauthorized credit card charging. If you report lost cards before transactions are made the liability is reduced to zero. Debit cards have timeline expectations, which means one can be held accountable for unlimited liability if unauthorized charges go unnoticed.

Not Using Coupons

Coupons are the oldest trick in the book. It is the longest used shopping trick and it works perfectly. Before making any order online search the internet for coupons and codes that could reduce your total cost. This can be accomplished by simply searching the retailer name and coupon code on your preferred search engine. There are several websites that specialize in coupon codes, which features several codes that have been used by many global shoppers. Combining this and the rewards card tip could result in double savings.

Failing to Sign Up for the Cash-back Programs

This enables triple savings. There are several websites that enable cashback services. Once you create the required accounts, find the stores from the link and continue with the purchases. They will track purchases and offer cash back in one to six percentages based on the store.

Paying For the Expedited Shipping

Expedited or express shipping services are expensive but fully avoidable. Reports from NRF indicate that more than 16 percent of retailers provide free shipping services months before the holidays begin, making it possible for shoppers to save on extra costs. Plan your shopping in advance to avoid delays and being forced to pay for faster shipping services. If you plan around 14 days in advance you can easily checkout with the free shipping option which saves costs despite being slower. With this in addition to finding sources that sell gift cards, you can save greatly on your total shopping expenses.

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