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How to Use and Load Paxful Wallet

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Buying and selling bitcoins on Paxful is a very simplified process. It doesn’t involve a lot of verifications and hocus-pocus that makes the use of bitcoin difficult on other platforms. To start buying and selling bitcoins on Paxful, you need to Load your wallet first (especially if you want to become a seller). To load and start using your Paxful wallet, first off, you need to credit your account with some bitcoins. To do this, you need to log into the site. Then you proceed to click on a button provided at the top of the website page labelled “Wallet”. Clicking on this button displays a page which contains a lot of content, including your balance and some other buttons. Your personal bitcoin address is also displayed as you have to link your personal bitcoin wallet with your Paxful wallet to be able to send and receive bitcoins.

Your bitcoin address contained on this page serves as a sort of bank account number for you and can be used to receive bitcoins anywhere from all over the world. Unlike a bank account number though, you can generate a new address anytime you want to receive new bitcoins. This is useful for privacy purposes and record keeping. Clicking on the copy address button on the page displays a drop-down with generate new address, if you do want to generate a new address.

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Following this section is another section which outlines all the transactions you have made and all addresses which you have used to receive bitcoins. These can be further explored when you have made a number of transactions.

Then once you have gotten the address you need to receive the bitcoins, all you need to do is send the bitcoins to the address from wherever you are or send the address to whoever wants to transfer the bitcoins to you and you are good to go.

When you receive bitcoins in your wallet, an email and a website notification are sent to inform you that your bitcoin has come through. Once you have your bitcoin in your wallet, you can start selling. Click on the buy bitcoin button on the website page, go to the sell bitcoin section, and you can start selling your bitcoin on Paxful. Quite easy, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for.

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