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Ways to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously Without Verification or ID

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Bitcoin buying in Nigeria can be frustrating at times. This is a proven fact especially when you use those bitcoin exchange platforms with so many rules, they almost choke you. One of the most annoying aspects of buying bitcoins in Nigeria is the almost constant requirement of identifications and verifications. You can’t afford to make an honest mistake; these verifications will treat you like a criminal.

Many a Bitcoin enthusiast has been deterred by the need to verify a billion things before you can make a purchase. Indeed many people have lost interest due to the need for solid verification before they can buy bitcoins online; identifications which they might not have on hand at the time of their need to purchase the coin. However, all is not lost. There are ways through which you can purchase bitcoins without having to provide identifications or verify your entire existence using some payment methods. Let’s outline some of these ways below:

How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously Without Verification or ID

#1. Buy Bitcoin Using CoinMama

On CoinMama, you can buy bitcoins easily with credit/debit cards without having to verify a single thing for your first $150 worth of Bitcoin.

It is one of the few Bitcoin brokers that allows the large purchase of bitcoins with credit cards without ID verification.

#2. BitQuick: Buy Bitcoins With Cash

BitQuick makes it easy to buy bitcoins with cash deposits in thousands of banks all over the world. It acts as an escrow for the sellers to put the coin once a deal has been agreed between the buyer and seller. The buyer pays the money into the seller’s bank account and once the seller has confirmed the money, he releases the coins from escrow.

#3. Buy Bitcoins On Bitit.gift

On Bitit, users can buy bitcoins online easily using a 3D Secure credit or debit card in a few minutes and with cash in thousands of local stores using Neosurf, Cashlib or Flexepin vouchers. You can purchase your first 25€ worth of coins without verification but you need to fill in your personal information.

#4. Bitcoin ATM’s

Bitcoin ATM’s function almost like the normal cash ATM’s but instead of bringing out cash, they deposit bitcoins directly into your wallet when you insert cash into them.

There a variety of Bitcoin ATM’s made by different companies. Almost all of them require no identification whatsoever.

#5. Buy Bitcoins On Wall of Coins

At Wall of Coins, a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange available in some European and American countries currently, only SMS verification is required for you to purchase bitcoins. No ID is required at all.

#6. Buy Bitcoins On Local Bitcoins

On Local Bitcoins, you can easily buy bitcoins from Nigeria and anywhere in the world. Once you agree on a deal with a seller, you can buy bitcoins without verification by buying bitcoins with a cash deposit or meeting the seller in person or using gift cards e.t.c.

A number of other bitcoin exchanges also require no identification for you to trade bitcoins. Instances are:

Bitfinex: You have to deposit cryptocurrency to be able to trade without ID.

Shape Shift: To trade without ID on Shapeshift, you have to buy a digital token like altcoin or Litecoin. Once you get one of these, you can trade with no identification.

These are some of the ways you can buy bitcoins without the use of identifications.

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