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Yahoo Boys Formats; Secrets Of How To Be A Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

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Are you interested in learning about the most effective Yahoo Boys Formats? I can teach you- and no, it’s not that hard. You just need to be smart.

First, I should state that the information provided here is for educational purposes only. It’s supposed to help you know when you are being scammed and avoid it. As such, you are solely responsible for any action or activities carried out based on this article.

In addition to this, you should know that misuse of this information will certainly result in criminal charges. You will go to jail!

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s jump into the subject matter.
Generation X refers to them as 419s, after the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code that addresses fraud. Europeans and Americans call them “The Nigerian Prince”, based on a Yahoo Boy Format that has worked in the past. However, we simply call them Yahoo Boys.

As a Nigerian, you know what the word “Yahoo Boy” stands for- maybe you even suspect one or two people.

In the 2000s, you’ll find them lurking in Yahoo messenger chat rooms, in search of love interests to swindle. However, this is no longer the case. Advancements in technology have helped develop Yahoo Boys Formats. Now, there are more options. Yes, there are formats that actually work.
Be patient, I’ll share them with you. First, let’s start with an introduction, shall we?

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

In the simplest term, a Yahoo Boy is any individual that engages in internet fraud. However, the name has evolved to include some offline scams too.

A Yahoo Boy spends a lot of time on the internet, scouring through Social Networking sites and dating apps in search of a mark. You’ll always find them working round the clock on their laptops and smartphones to bring in that big pay.

And when the “maga” finally pays, he blows through the money, knowing that he could repeat the whole process again.

Why There Are Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

I could talk about the high unemployment rate in Nigeria and top it off with an essay on the saturated labor market. But, that’s only half of the truth.

The complete story is that Yahoo boys in Nigeria started with millennials that want to live the “big life”. What do I mean by “big life”, you ask? It includes driving the latest cars, using the most expensive pieces of jewelry, and living in a mansion on Banana Island.

Between Yahoo boys’ crazy display of wealth on social media pages and famous musician endorsing the acts, Internet fraud soon became a trendy thing in Nigeria.

Okay, I’m done with the preambles. Now let’s talk about the Yahoo Boy Formats that actually work.

What You Need to Become a Successful Yahoo Boy in Nigeria

There are certain things you need to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria. These include;

  1. A Laptop or Desktop Computer
  2. Stable Electricity
  3. Good Internet Connection
  4. Ability to use web browsers and smartphone apps

In addition to these, you must be a master of deception, without any moral compass. Needless to say, that eloquence is an added advantage.

You should know that each format has its own special requirements. But, if you have all the items outlined above, you’re well on your way to being a yahoo boy in Nigeria.

3 Yahoo Boys Formats That Are Trending

Outlined below are three formats that actually work;

The Web of Love Freestyle

As the name implies, this Yahoo Boy Format is about freestyling. This was how a large number of yahoo boys in Nigeria started out. What does it involve, you ask? It involves getting your mark to love and trust you enough to foot all your bills.

You simply have to register a private account on various dating sites, from the popular ones such as Tinder to the less known ones. Create a detailed profile, which includes an attractive photograph, and finds a mark.

You may have to create a social media account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to sell the con. Yes, it’s an elaborate deception. But, it’s worth it when the money starts rolling in.

Nurture your mark as you would a baby. Communicate every day to build trust and use sweet words to plant the seed of love.

The advantage of this con is the regular money. For example, $1,000 every week. But on the flip side, it is extremely time-consuming.

The Fake Realtor Trick

One of the most popular con artists of all time, Count Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel tower to unsuspecting victims for a huge sum of money. The Fake Realtor Trick is similar to this. Except, you would be selling luxury apartments, rather than National Monuments.

To be clear, this is one of the most lucrative Yahoo Boy Formats. The trick is pretty easy too.

Start by placing ads on luxurious apartments that are available for lease on different websites. Next, upload as many pictures of high-class apartments as you can. The money comes in when you find a victim that is willing to pay for the apartment.

ATM Fraud

These are not Yahoo Boys in a strict sense, they are con artists, who roam ATM spots in search of someone to defraud. It ranges from copying ATM card information to stealing the actual card. Victims include aged people, pregnant women, and illiterates.

First of all, it’s advisable to commit ATM frauds only on Weekends. This is to ensure that transactions can’t be reversed till Monday morning.

Wrapping Up

To become a yahoo boy in Nigeria, you must be ruthless. The easiest way to defraud victims is when they are they are at their vulnerable moments. You must learn to take advantage of this vulnerability for your own profit. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid of going to jail, it comes with the job.

However, you have another option. Rather than engaging in an activity that will make you do time in prison and leave people unhappy, there are other internet businesses to consider. This includes online freelancing, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, etc.

You don’t need to follow the Yahoo Boy Formats outlined above to make money in Nigeria.

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