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You have heard people talking about Yahoo plus rituals, but have never understood what it really means. Guess what, you are about to find out.

Internet fraud started in Nigeria in the early 2000s. At the time, youths depended on cybercafes, yahoo messenger, and myspace to rope in their victims. It was easy and straightforward. Furthermore, the pay was good and regular, until the late 2000s.

What happened in the late 2000s, you ask? Internet fraud became time-consuming, the payout was less, and the world was wary. People became aware that there were con artists on the internet. As such, they had reservations about sending money to a Nigerian Prince to bail his uncle.

Yahoo was no longer as lucrative as it used to be. It was time to take it to the next level. The more daring internet scam artists added the “plus” to “Yahoo”. Hence, the first question;


What is Yahoo Plus?

Think of Yahoo Plus as an advanced version of the normal internet fraud- call it Yahoo 2.0, if you will. This is the new form of Yahoo that is practiced in Nigeria now.

Rather than go through the long process of making a victim fall in love before collecting their money, Yahoo Plus simply uses hypnotism. I’ll pause now to allow you to take this bit of information in.

Internet con artists that have elevated their trade to the Yahoo Plus level depend on hypnotism to scam their victims. It is dangerous than Yahoo, but the payout is almost always worth it (for them). The victims, under the influence of hypnosis, often part with thousands of dollars without knowing.

I’m sure there are loads of questions running through your mind right now. You are wondering how these guys learned how to hypnotize victims over the internet, right? Here is the thing, they don’t. This is where Yahoo Plus rituals come in.

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How Does Yahoo Plus Rituals Work?

Before I tell you what Yahoo Plus rituals entail, please note that it’s not an exact science and cannot be verified. It is pure voodoo, magic, jazz, or whatever you want to call it. And this article is based on the accounts of individuals that have done it.

Yahoo plus rituals consist of different activities to be carried out by the yahoo boy. These rituals often range from simple, dangerous, to humiliating and ridiculous. Some of them include;

  • Sleeping in the cemetery
  • Bathing in a lake or river with a special soap
  • Walking naked in a marketplace
  • Having sex in public

But, they are not all humiliating. According to the account of some Yahoo Plus “practitioners”, the ritualist could give a luck charm to hypnotize unsuspecting victims. It usually takes the form of a small amulet that they have to put on when chatting with the victim. Examples include a ring or chain.

A yahoo plus boy once talked about how he purchased a special fabric. Based on his ritualist’s instruction., he made this fabric into a beautiful clothing and sent it to his potential victim in Europe. The European woman instantly fell under his spell. She could not stop sending money until she became penniless.


Human Sacrifice; Taking Yahoo Plus to the Next Level

In recent times, Yahoo Plus Rituals have taken a turn for the worst. Charming a ring, bracelet or piece of clothing was no longer enough for a scam artist that wanted to maintain a lavish lifestyle. Hence, the introduction of human sacrifice.

Based on some disturbing reports, fraudsters were compelled to eat concoctions that their ritualists prepared from human parts. From the female genitalia to a man’s testicles, any organ can be used to prepare this unsavoury meal.

According to a former Yahoo plus fraudster, a lot of these guys sacrifice families and friends for their wealth. Although girlfriends are infamous for being Yahoo plus sacrifice, some guys also trade their own sanity.

There is news of different fraudsters suffering from recurrent mental illnesses. Coincidence much? I think not. It begs an important question; if yahoo plus rituals are so dangerous, why is it a common practice?


5 Reasons Yahoo Plus is Common in Nigeria

There are several reasons why yahoo plus is common in Nigeria, some of them are outlined below.

Greedy Fraudsters

The primary reason most individuals become yahoo boys in the first place is greed. As such, when they discover a way to make more money, they take it. Sacrificing their loved ones is just a minor inconvenience. In the words of 9ice,” kin sha ti lowo”.

Silent Endorsement

To say that the Nigerian public endorses internet scam is an exaggeration. However, most people simply keep quiet about it. In fact, Yahoo plus has become so prevalent in Nigeria that it’s almost accepted as the norm.

Huge Payout

To say that the payout from Yahoo Plus is enough to build a mansion is not an exaggeration. You’ll see individuals getting as much as ₦50 million from scamming one white man. I can understand how this can discourage an average yahoo boy.

It Takes Less Time

The normal yahoo process involves earning the trust of victims. Doing this takes between six months to as much as two years. Sometimes, “maga doesn’t pay.

Yahoo plus allows you skip the waiting process. You simply have to hypnotize to get that instant money.

Peer Pressure

This sounds like an excuse, more than a reason. But the truth is, a lot of average yahoo boys upgrade to the plus level because a colleague did it and cashed out.

You should know them. They are the ones you see on the street every day with a basket on their head in place of a cap and pure water nylon on their feet to replace the Nike sneakers. Although maga paid, they did not remain sane enough to cry hallelujah.   


On a Final Note

Now you know the facts about Yahoo plus rituals. As said earlier, this is based on the account of different individuals. As such, we will appreciate your contribution. Slide into the comment section and let me know what you think.

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