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Yahoo Tips To Collect Money From Your Clients With Crazy Formats

/, SCAM ALERT/Yahoo Tips To Collect Money From Your Clients With Crazy Formats

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Yahoo Tips To Obtain Money From Your Clients. This Format Is Unbelievably Effortless.

If you need a yahoo tip that would keep the money flowing from your clients, then your best bet is the dating billing format more popularly known as the dating format 419. That said, I wrote an interesting piece not too far back on how to begin your yahoo business. After that piece, a number of people asked questions via the comment box on the best ways to convince their clients to send them money. I pointed it out to them that their go-to format which is sure to meet their billing needs is yahoo format for dating.

The dating billing format is top on the list of billing techniques because it easily exploits an already established emotional relationship with your client and so it is effortless to get the money flowing since at this point your client cannot refuse some of your requests. In line with this, you have to be smart when engaging the dating billing format. This, of course, is because although your client may be emotionally vulnerable any wrong move can  be detected and would hurt your chances. That said, to guide you on how to effectively use this format, I will share with you my story.

How I Put To Work The Dating Billing Format.

In 2014, I had successfully wrapped up school, and I decided to dive into the Yahoo world. I approached the masters of Yahoo billing schemes, and my mentor introduced me to some of the things I am familiar with today. He taught me some billing schemes, and I particularly opted for the dating format which my master nicknamed Yahoo’s billing format because of the extent of its efficacy.

After this, I immediately went to a social network known as Myspace where I searched out a military man’s pictures. I discovered loads of a black American military man’s pictures that is not discoverable by Google. Of course, I went on to downloads loads of them.

Almost immediately I went on to create an account in a dating site known as senior people meet. I created an exact replica of my IP using a VPN. This granted me access. With access granted, I went on to arrange my profile in the right order and placed Iraq as my location. Basically, I set up everything I needed to succeed. However, I lacked a cloning app, so I avoided everything that would make my client ask for a voice call or a phone call.

How I Approached Her.

Well, my first rule in theYahoo Yahoo dating billing format is that I restricted my clients to women within ages 45-60 years. Women of this age barely have time to go deeply into interrogations or verifications. I picked out a woman and sent her a private message wherein I introduced myself as Wayne Jackson and my profession as a soldier who fights for his country. She admired me for the image I portrayed, and after a couple of emails, we were well on our way to building a solid online relationship. I led her to believe that I am a widower who lost my wife because of an accident and that I am in search of love again. Furthermore, I informed her that to enable me to realize my desires; I was advised by my sister to join the dating site.

By precisely a month later I launched out for some cash. I requested funds from her to sort out complications that arose due to my account being hacked and used for fraud. She, of course, asked me a logical question of why I couldn’t approach the US to get everything sorted out. I replied that it was impossible to leave camp due to serious fightings at our base during the daytime.I then got creative and showed her some fake bank statements. The bank statements got rid of every worry and suspicion she might have had, and in no time she wired me $500. I instantly cashed out through Western Union.

That said, the $500 might have been a win, but it was not a huge win for me. So I went back to my drawing board and thought up another dating billing format to get something way bigger from her.

My Next Scheme For The Dating Billing Format.

I let a couple of weeks go by, then I brought her the news that I would be leaving the military soon because I had watched my best friend die at the war front. I informed her that I would upon my leave, set up an auto shop and I would love her to be a joint owner with me.

“I went on to ask her to invest some funds into the business.”

I then took out a couple of months and watered the ground by enlightening her on my business plans, vision, and dreams. By January 2015 I told her that I was in Japan finalizing my business arrangement with other investors and that I had already paid a part payment of the entire sum. I further stated that I needed $10,000 to complete my payment if not my goods faced the risk of being seized. In the space of two weeks, I had made my big cash. My unsuspecting online victim had managed to send me the entire $10,000. That said, I successfully obtained over $10,500 from a client without as much as a phone call.

Steps To Begin Your Yahoo Billing Dating Format.


Create An Excellent Profile:

If you are going to use the dating billing format, then your best bet would be to fashion out an excellent profile that would resemble that of a military man. Use a profile picture and meet all the necessaries. What’s more, if you have a cloning app, then never agree to a phone call. Fortunately, military men are not expected to have access to a lot of things. So bring up an excuse that a working cell phone is not within your reach or that if you are to get caught by your commanding officer, then you would be at the receiving end of a mean punishment for outrightly flaunting camp rules.

Use The Grammarly App.

If you are going to act the part, then act it well. As a US soldier or whatever role you take, your English should be flawless. Abbreviations, bad sentences or bad spellings can easily give you up. Fortunately, to help you correct any English errors, there is Grammarly App which you should download. Also, when conversing with your client, always lead the conversation, be in charge. This would make this format work without stress

Use A VPN.

A good VPN such as tunnel bear or anonymous enables you to enter any site undetected. Most sites don’t permit countries aside from the US. So, if you are reading a country, not the US, then use a good VPN. You can include it to your Firefox or Chrome browser.

Other Billing Yahoo Formats.

The dating billing format is usually your best bet in Yahoo Yahoo. However, there are several alternatives if the dating billing format is not working as expected. These formats if used properly would guarantee success, and they are listed below.

1)    Wire wire fraud

2)    The military yahoo billing format

3)    The Yahoo boy format

4)    The pay you tax format

5)    Itunes gift card format

These formats are equaled to none when you want to get money from clients. To get you well on your way in understanding and using any of the techniques, I will explain just one of them to you.


The Military Yahoo Billing Format.

Women have a soft spot and admiration for military men, so picking up this format is the quickest way to get your client emotionally attached to you. Now how do you start this format?

1)    Search out a good dating site.

2)    Find a client. (someone you want to defraud).

3)    Exchange pleasantries with her and become good friends

4)    Tell her you are a military man currently serving in Afghanistan.

5)    After a couple of weeks of steady communication, inform her that you have fallen head over heels in love with her and would love to marry her and spend the rest of your life with her.

6)    Make her fall helplessly in love with you.

7)    After two months, tell her that you intend to leave command base, but according to your superiors, you must pay an unnegotiable fee.

8)    Tell her to assist you with money to pay after which you will come to be with her.

9)    Collect the money via a friend and run away.

That is basically it. It is as easy as collecting candy from a child.

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